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Organizing a wedding is not easy. There are many things to do so that everything is taken care of in detail. And just to ensure that the couple can enjoy the day together with their guests, it is essential that a professional takes care of following all the preparation step by step until the last guest has gone away thanking for the pleasant day.


Do you need a hand to choose or find your wedding location? Don't you sure which is the appropriate tablecloth that makes your day special? Do you have doubts about the choice of the menu? Don't have time to go to the florist to choose the flowers? You don't know which party band or musician to trust so that your guests can have fun, laugh and dance without end? Don't panic. Serena Addessi can help you organize everithings

You will simply have to tell your ideas and wishes. In this way Serena will be able to prepare a completely customized exclusive project for you. 

She will then assist you in every phase of the organization of your wedding, taking care of every detail, until the day you finally crown your dream.

 The weddings organized by Serena are unique and completely personalized.


Wedding Invitations

Wedding Floral Design

Tableau de mariage


Wedding suite: placeholder, menu, wedding bags

Wedding Photographer

Wedding favors

Partyband, Dj set 

Cake design



Vintage Car

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